Live In Style With The Choicest Decor Pieces From Around The Globe

The takeover of E-commerce has been quite a refreshing change in our shopping schedules. Especially in times when we are always running short of it due to our ultramod lifestyles.  With brands offering overnight delivery, look books and VR browsing has become a cake walk. Yet for a true shopper the experience of discovery, picking artifacts in person, serendipitous sightings are way more joy giving than online shopping. Isn’t it?

So why not make shopping part of your travels as well? We Serenity Homes  have a few mentions for home decor shopping that you just can’t miss. While you are on one of your vacations across the globe.

Danish Picks

Select traditional artifacts from Nordic culture at the AYTM store. They offer some serious luxe, sophisticated yet quirky designs. With a touch of interesting, contrasting materials in neutral tones. You can shop for almost all kinds of furniture items here, large and small.

Moroccan Rug

Well, Moroccan Rugs are a brand of their own kind. And your living room is incomplete without them. Why? Sized in every shape, colour and style you are sure to find one that matches your personality. Plus these rugs will bring your home a sweet rendezvous globetrotters are known for.

Minimally MUJI

Often known for their minimal, recyclable produce, MUJI is a shop hard to miss. They have established their products in the minimalist segment by avoiding wastage. At every stage, right from conception to finish. If you are looking for simple, clutter free objects this store is a must visit!

Modernist Blue Dot

Founded by two architects and a sculptor, Blue Dot, is situated in Minneapolis. Is a go-to brand for the modernist. Their home decor designs are unique, elegant, polished, and fit well in almost all kinds of home. Not to forget, their classy designs are super pocket friendly! Who wouldn’t want that?

Timeless Hudson Grace

Simplicity and authenticity is a key factor you would come across in Monelle Totah and Gary McNatton’s Hudson Grace. Located in and bringing the cultural references of San Francisco, this store offers beauty and practicality in their collection. At this timeless boutique, one will find all types of modern dinnerware, glassware, table linens, napkins, flatware, candles, interior scent and other serving and entertaining products.

Have names to add to the above list? Hit the comments below and tell us all about your favourite decor store around the world!


Must-have Zara Home Essentials For A Clutter-Free Decor

As we bid adieu to winter and its cosy indoor setup it is time to prepare to welcome the morning sun in all  its glory. Thanks to Zara’s spring summer home collection 2019, we can be summer ready with ease.

Labelling the new interior decor line as Timeless Simplicity, Zara assures its a patronage a luxe yet leisurely home setup. The collection’s stylish makeup is both a mix of natural materials and modern simplicity. Thereby giving us a unique home promising tranquility, comfort and style.

What does the collection encompass?

• Washed linen sheets, cases and duvet covers

• Satin sheets, cases and duvet cover

• A down duvet insert

• Premium quality cotton towels, bath mat and robes

• Washed linen kitchen towels

If you are the type of person who is looking out for non-floral, ultra minimal home decor then these Zara essentials are a steal deal.

Zara Home Irregular Earthenware Bowl

Use it to store knick knacks, jewellery or even keys. Or leave it out on the patio to add in that artistic gleam. The irregular earthenware bowl is truly an uber cool statement piece.

Zara Home Black Resin Soap Dispenser

Hard to miss, classy to the core. The Zara black resin soap dispenser will attract sweet compliments from everyone using your restroom.

Zara Home Cover Duvet With Geometric Embroidery

This Zara home cover duvet strikes the right balance between traditional and contemporary. Its simple solidity with classic thread work is a timeless design strategy.

Zara Home Grid Pattern Earthenware Dinner Plate

Sweet dining experience anyone? The grid pattern earthenware dinner plate weaves you in an ambrosial trance as you chow down to an organic treat.

To get more similar innovative ideas, you may contact to luxury builders in Adelaide and get your dream home ready.

Zara Home Cotton Table Runner

Decorating your dinner table with a muted table runner. The Zara cotton table mat gels in well with dining areas with bolder wood work or eclectic panels. Thus throwing in the much needed aesthetic balance.

Zara Home Decorative Ceramic Bottle

Make a statement stylishly. The decorative elongated ceramic bottle is a silent impressionist. And handy in keeping company to vibrant sunflowers and lilies.

Zara Home Striped Duvet Cover

If you thought the Zara spring summer collection was all solids galore. Then you will be pleasantly surprised with their striped duvet for sure. The home striped duvet is trendy and yet minimal in essence. Don’t you think?

Zara Home Metal Tealight Holder

Elegant, edgy and inspiring old world charm. Th metal tealight holder can easily fit in any corner or table top of your liking.